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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Looking forward To Pigging Out On Chicken!

Looks like I will be "batching" it for a few days starting Thursday as Kim is headed for the Cities and some family time with her mom and sister.

I have been on the phone trying to line up some fellow "pig-outters" who would be willing to share the ride over to the Durand Rod and Gun Club, high upon the bluff above the Red Cedar River off Highway 25 south to partake in the first of the scheduled Jack Harmon Chicken Dinners.

So far just another "lonely guy" -- my pal Gordy Bischoff has said he would join me -- but I have another call on the answer machine with the Buchholz's -- and if they can't make it, then I will put a call into my long time pal Wil Denson as it seems a shame to drive over there with present fuel prices without a car load.

I was just musing that a "car load" these days is usually five max -- if you are to be at all comfortable on the trip.


I am a little miffed with myself for not getting any fishing in this summer as I had promised this was the summer I was going to get off my butt and get back to it -- but the leg thing is in definite need of improvement if i intend to spend an entire day in a canoe. Can't believe that July has almost slipped away without my tying a popper onto my blugill/crappie fly rod and slipping away to a peaceful, glass surfaced pond where I could drop my feathered cork between lily pads and experience the thrill of a boiling strike from a good sized pan fish.

I still want to try to get up to my friend Robert "One Man" Johnson's cottage in the far north reaches of Minnesota for that express purpose.

Seems like I really have done very little this summer.

Well, at least Gordy and I will e taking as little road trip together this coming Thursday. Will have to remember to bring the camera and put the occasion on film for a full blog report later in the week.

Do you like my header? What would the opposite be? "LOOKING FORWARD TO CHICKENING OUT ON PIG ROAST"?

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