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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Final Helmet in Collection (I Hope)

Some time ago I was browsing through football helmets on eBay -- a terrible affliction that I cannot seem to get past -- when I spotted a rather beat up Wilson helmet -- red in color -- that was in need of painting.

I have always wanted to add a Washington Redskins "Lombardi" helmet to my collection. In fact, I had found the decals for the helmet (also on eBay) earlier, and had them lying about the office.

When I sasy "Lombardi" Redskins helmet, I am referring to the period of time when Vince decided he wanted to get back into coaching and was wooed by the Washington Redskins.

They had been wearing a burgundy helmet but Lombardi, coming off much success with the Green Bay Packers, wanted to re-design the helmets in yellow, much like the Packer helmets.

So I bid on the Wilson helmet and won it for a ridiculously low sum of something like $1.98.

I then contacted Helmet Hut for the second time. They had done a fabulous job creating a "Bart Starr" Packer helmet for me this past year. They gave me a restoration price, again explaining that they could not legally provide the logos but that if I had the logos, they could apply them for me.

Here are two photos of the great finished work they did for me. Notice that they even went out of their way to remove the rivets that held the inside padding so that they could paint the helmet first, then put the shiny rivets back in place.

Anyway! Thanks Helmet Hut! And anybody out there who is into the hobby of collecting helmets -- contact them! They do great work! As they say -- a picture is worth a thousand words.


The Favre hub-bub has me totally confused. Today's Milwaukee Journal says nothing has really been settled but the NFL Channel ticker ran a quote from McCarthy yesterday saying (in effect) that in thinking back on Brett's sincerity during his retirement speech earlier this year, you have to believe he meant what he said and as an organization, the Packers have to move on without him.

I fascilate from day to day -- but today i am thinking that once you make the announcement then you should be held to that announcement.

Then i have to keep telling myself that this is just a game and just a sport -- there are a hell of a lot of more important things going on in the world that need worrying about!


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