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Sunday, April 4, 2010


April Fifteenth looms large on the calendar. April Fifteenth is an important day. Yes, it is my birthday, but that's not why. It is the day of doom. And I am no where near ready for it!

Usually by now, Kim and I have filled our tax forms. for some reason I have had all kinds of trouble organizing my taxes this year. I went in thinking I was ready to give all necessary and pertinent information and came home with the following "to do" list from my preparer:

1. Locate my 1099 S statement. (declaration of all money obtained through social security)
2. Locate my 1099 R statement for Royal Credit Union (money taken out of IRA)
3. Calculate total miles driven since January 1, 2009
4. Calculate all business miles driven since January 1, 2009
5. Call All State agent, obtain cost of office property insurance
6. Calculate all finance charge for 2009, including all credit card finance charges
7. Calculate all miles riven while going to the doctor

This looks like a lot, but actually, it will be taken care of tomorrow, the first business day of the week when I can reach all necessary agencies.

I just hate this time of year. And that's just not right - it's the time of my birth for God sake! Happy Birthday says Uncle Sam, hand extended, palm up.


I have been spending way too much time on Face Book! It is an insidious disease. And like anything else with the computer, it requires learning all kinds of new stuff. I hate it but am still drawn to it - hypnotized like a mouse in front of a cobra. So you'd better look me up on Face Book, damn it! I just spent from 5AM to 8 AM updating the thing.


Yesterday I did little or nothing. I was attacked by my fibromyalgia really big time and I hurt everywhere. This magnified the throbbing of the healing left ankle and I had to just get off my feet. consequently I slept most of the day. Last night Kim and I wqtched "Good Hair" - the documentary by comedians Chris Rock and Jeff Stilson.

After viewing it, my opinion is that a person should stay true to the hair that they were born with. The documentary was certainly an eye-opener concerning what black women go through to straighten their hair. The application of chemicals that can blind you? No thanks! Besides, I think that natural Black hair is really beautiful.

I guess I didn't realize how important a woman's hair is to her self esteem. That's how stupid I am.


One of the sure signs of Spring has arrived here at the bungalow. The attack of the little black spiders. I have to keep an eye out for them because they bite! And their bite is not noticed for some time and then I start to itch and itch I do!


I have begun to memorize "The Ballad of T.J. Rubley" but this may take a long long time. It is a damn long narrative poem! Can you say Illiad and Odessey? I sent a copy to Fuzzy Thurston - surprisingly, I have not heard back.



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