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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Be Sure Not To Fill Out a Census form, Moron

Just when I thought this country couldn't get any crazier, the "Don't Register with the Census" nut jobs are coming out of the woodwork.

Recently, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs described Erick Erickson's comments about the census as "remarkably crazy."

Erickson said last week that he would "pull out [his] wife's shotgun" if a census worker came to try to jail him for not filling out his census form.

Tuesday, Gibbs described that statement as "remarkable crazy remarks of somebody that would threaten somebody simply trying to ensure that they're adequately represented in this country."

"These days, it never ceases to amaze you," he continued. "And usually it's only trumped by what somebody will knowingly say tomorrow about where -- I think it was Lincoln who said better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

And I say, leave these morons alone. They are ignorant, paranoid people who have had the shit scared out of them with eight years of George Bush and now all they really understand is fear. This is how ignorant these patriot Americans are - they don't even realize that by not registering they are going to cost their state money and lose more votes through re-districting.

So, census workers, call first - get a feeling for your client's outlook - and then if you go, anyway -- go armed, anyway.

It is the dawning of the age of Delirious.


Just back from checking in on Face Book. It at least got my day off with a good loud very vocal laugh. Here's the message I got from one of my many "friends":

<span style="font-weight:bold;">Larry don't drop that giant electic razor that was at the club near shopo that you did shows at (sorry i cannot remeber the name)"

You translate that for me. You won't be able to if you haven't shopped at shopo and remebered to buy shampoo.


Want to let Clay Riness know that I am thinking positive thoughts all day and tomorrow for the three house concerts he is performing this weekend. Clay: I hope you don't miss a beat, that the audiences are a treat, and the remuneration great!


Oh! I can't print my daily tasteless photo of the day - spoiled Kodak Moments - Those photos are on the lappus topius (I took Latin). Perhaps later in the day I can throw one up here.


In the meantime, I am trying to familiarize myself with the newer version MacMan installed - workng in iPhoto right now and i don't know what the hell I am doing - and of course I refuse to read help.

Gonna try and throw up a short study in hats. Let's see if it works --



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