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Friday, April 16, 2010


Yesterday we were up and at em quite early as I had asked Kim for a trip to Green Bay as my birthday gift for this year. Our first stop was the Chippewa Family Restaurant on Kennedy Road. Like all the other "family" entitled restaurants, this one is run by the same family of supposed Serbs who opened similar restaurants in Altoona and Eau Claire.

After a hearty breakfast of corned beef hash and poached eggs, we continued to the Midway Motor Lodge which is just a block down from Lambeau Field. Lambeau field is a magnificent structure that bespeaks amazing tradition just looking at it.

We checked in to the hotel and decided it was too late to get to the Packer Hall of Fame, one of our destinations on this trip.
the primary reason was to drop off my replica of Fuzzy Thurston's Packer helmet of 1961, to have Fuzzy autograph it at a later date and then have his son Mark return ship it through Fed Ex to complete my Packer collection.

So about 6:30 PM we got back in Kim's Prius and despite the GPS found Fuzzy's #63 Bar and Grill on Mason. You know how you picture a place you have never been to in your mind, and then when you get to the place, it isn't anywhere near as glamorous as what you had pictured?

Such was the case in this instance. No offense to Mr. Thurston, but it is pretty much a typical Wisconsin tavern - dark and a bit dingy, but made somewhat unique with hundreds of pictures of Fuzzy and fellow Packers of the 1960's everywhere.

We spoke with the bar tender about leaving the helmet for an autograph at a later date and she told us that Fuzzy's son, Mark, who manages the club, is in at 10 in the morning and as long as we supply a pre-paid shipping box through Fed Ex, it should be a "done deal".

After looking over the typically bar food menu, we decided to go elsewhere for my birthday dinner and after battling road construction we found our way back to the hotel and down the street to Brett Favre's Steak House for a prime rib dinner which in addition to being too expensive, was not the best prime rib we have ever had.

We did come away with a very large and decadently rich piece of chocolate cake.

Friday morning we got up in time for the continental breakfast t the hotel, then proceeded t the nearest Fed Ex to get the paper work done for shipping the helmet back to me.

Then we drove over to the br and found the bagged garbage sitting outside the main door with a big sign tped to the door that said: "Closed until April 29th".

I immediately went into panic mode but Kim settled me down. I rapped loudly on the doors with my cane and shortly Mark appeared, explained that they currently have a licensing problem, then accepted the package with the shipping slip.

With my legs still causing me all kinds of pain, we decided to skip going to the Packer Hall of Fame as I was just in too much pain to enjoy it and we drove home to our love starved kitties.

So, it wasn't that much of an "excellent adventure" after all, but at least I got to spend it with Kim.



KWJ said...

Aw, Larry... I feel for you. I cannot imagine what was going through your mind when you came upon that locked door!! OMFG!!!
I DO hope that you had some semblance of a great day, and if you got to spend it with Kim, well, what better way to do it?!
I love you both, and wish you all the best. Your blog is great reading. Please keep it up, as I find myself wishing I would do the same, and you are providing me much needed inspiration.
Again, I hope you both are doing well and I surely miss you. Happy Birthday!

Rigorously Remaining,
Kevin W. Johnson

Kirk said...

I have always found pro athlete's bars and restaurants very lacking in quality food. You get overcharged for mediocre food but hey, at least you get to see lots of pictures on the walls! Woo, woo! I avoid them at all times.