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Monday, April 19, 2010


I can't think of a way to go with the blog today. I think I just now figured out why I can't even think of a subject for the day - sitting on my kitchen counter over at the house is a third of a store-frosted, double layer, marble birthday cake, a tin with one half batch of Krispie Bars,and this jar of oatmeal raisin cookies that I swore i would never make again after last week!

My God, I have destroyed my remaining brain cells with sugar! Having three different deserts available is not only disgusting, but I would like to testify right now to the fact that such overindulgence is downright unhealthy. This must never happen again.

I am getting the overall feeling that I am slowly being drawn into the Face Book Web as I now am a bit disappointed that when I check my e mail and there is no announcements from Face Book, I feel a bit down.

I had my first traumatic FB "gotcha" moment yesterday. One of my - what is it 97? no 87 - friends - contested the fact that I took down the photo of me au natural save for the baseball cap and the bathtub which I was using as my profile picture.

I had put up one I liked a lot more - a close up - it's called ego - and my "friend" says she liked the bathtub picture better, and then Kevin kicks in that he likes the bathtub picture better, too - which scares both him and me - so bending to so much intense pressure, I take the time to change my profile photo back to Bath Tub Boy (Bath Tub Boy is Michelle Johnsted's contribution).

I no sooner get Bath Tub Boy up on Profile than I get Jeanne's next retort: "Awwww - we were just playing with you. You didn't have to take it down.


I have to admit that I just checked and she wrote "sorry" - but you can't tell really what that means when you can't hear inflection.

Excuse me while I go over to FB and make up.


I am back from FB. Also left a message for Perla Batalla on line to see if she will ever be playing within 4 hours of here. Also, I answered Ms Haworth's "sorry" with:

Awww - I was just playing with you. So now we are even - and I can put the other picture up again - the one where I have a realllllly high forehead.


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