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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Went down and entertained at the Spring gathering of the Trempeauleau County Cooperative. This year it was heldat the Whithall Golf Club and it was a beautiful evening to drive down Highway 53. All the hrdwoods are starting to bud and leaf out in those outstanding light green pastels.

If you are from around these parts you know how really truely awesome the view of the valley is at the high point south of Osseo. It's almost as though you are flying low in a plane as the road travels the crest of the highest of the hills. to really take it in, one should pull off at the overlook right at the crest. Incredible!

It was a fun evening. the cooks had laid out quite an impressive serve yourself dinner with some great Swedish meat balls and fried chicken. And the Coop staff was very helpful with getting the sound system lugged in and out. I am still having a really difficult time of it with my lower legs - to the point of great concern, actually.

tomorrow I am going to have my first session of acupunture and then Kim and I are going out to Gold's Gym to check out the facility and find out if I can be assigned a specific trainer that can help me get my legs back into shape.

That Joanie Mitchell song "Don't Know What you Got Til It's Gone" has been playing in my head as I limp into the grocery store.

I have begun to take advantage of the sauna we have in the basement of the house. It takes a little getting used to, but now I actually look forward to three or four sessions in a day. I find that it loosens up my musculature in the legs and my chiropractor encourages the sauna as a means of shedding toxins.

In fact, that's where i am headed right now.


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