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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well I finally have done it. I have misplaced both pair of my bifocals - so I am looking through Walgreen's readers this morning and grousing to myself about how irresponsible I am getting with important matters in my life. You know the only way I will find either pair is to go to the optometrist and have two more pair made.

I went down to Madison tuesday afternoon to discuss my appearance with Mr. Johnson at his MATC class. On wednesday, we presented three conflict scenarios for the class to dissect and write about. I took my camera along and then forgot it in the car so there are no pictures to show for my efforts.

Do you see a pattern developing here?

I am up way too early considering the long day I put in yesterday. Now I have to make another decision - do I stay here at the house and freeze to death, or do I gather up the lap top and book it over to the bungalow and get a good fire going in the wood stove?

Spent some time re-working the lyrics to "Queen of Alaska" yesterday early, early morning at the Johnson's. Before I am through there will be hand written copies all the way to the dump. Been so long since I wrote that I had forgotten the whole polishing routine that accompanies the writing process.

I have to shut down for a bit and seek warmth. Damn this house is cold!!!


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