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Saturday, April 24, 2010


I know that I have written before about our two wonderful companions, Hammy and Stella, but here I go again, just because I am so enthralled with them both!

Hammy is our break-and-enter expert. This morning when I went into the bath room I discovered the cupboard door beneath the bath room sink open and a bottle of Kim's shampoo lying on the floor. Hammy again.

The other day he suddenly focused on all the wiring attached to a multi-plug in along side the dresser beneath the bed room television set. He spent most the night trying to get those cables out where he could investigate them further and in the mean time driving me nuts with the sounds of scratching and thumping while I was trying to sleep.

His special project is attempting to remove the panel on the side of the bath tub that houses all the works for the whirl pool jets. We hve finally gotten the panel securely fastened but this does not dissuade him from attempting to remove the panel as he snaps the corners over and over again in hopes of dislodging the entire cover.

Stella has more and more become my little girl friend. When I come home she will follow me about until I take time to lie down with her on the bed and scratch her belly and under her chin.

If I ignore her, she gives me little love bites on the elbow. Lately she has taken to giving me what I call "kitty-kisses" as she actually will start gently licking the hand that I am using to pet her.

And Stella becomes very concerned when I disappear into the sauna for periods of time. she will sit outside and meow and scratch at the door intermittently all the while I am in there.

Both Hammy and Stella remind me of a small baby in the high chair. We have all seen babies push a spoon, or even worse, a glass of juice, off their serving tray just to watch it hit the floor.

This is an ongoing activity with our two newest family members. I have learned not to leave my watch, rings, cell phone, pens, wallet, on anything small enough for them to move with their paws, on my bed room dresser because inevitably in the middle of the night, we will hear the sound of objects hitting the floor - and that's not necessarily good for a watch or cell phone.

As they've grown, they both have become spooked by the sound of arriving automobiles, the propane delivery truck, the garbage man, any foreign sound out that bed room window.

Stella goes into her "squirrel" position, sitting back on her haunches, her front paws extended, staring through the blinds to see what's out there before suddenly making a mad dash for the safety of the basement. The same with Hammy.

But once people are inside the house, they immediately gather around the newcomer to sniff them out. Neither of our cats are shy - they are in fact quite gregarious and like being around people.

When Diane, our cleaning lady comes on wednesdays, Hammy looks forward to the occasion as he gets a chance to raid Diane's bag containing her morning muffin.

He also loves to hitch a free ride on the Swiffer as Diane dusts the wood floors.

Yes, Kim and I are hooked! We love these two more each day and find it difficult to be away from them over night. I wish we had started training them to take long rides in the car with us so that we could take them with us on coms of our over night excursions.

And there truly is something to be said about the wellness people receive just by having loving pets. I know our live are much richer because of our two little friends.


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