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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Back To Durand Rod And Gun for Harmon Chicken With Tom Johnson in Tow

We ultimately decided that death to the eardrums by shotgun blasts from the clay pigeon murderers was a better choice than remaining inside the bar and drowning in the throes of senior citizens bellowings over highballs and gin rummy!

So we made our way through the massive throng to the comparative peace of 12 gauge shotguns blasting away, high above the Chippewa River. Again, even though we thought that we were arriving early, we ended up being ticket holders 254 and 255 and that's much too long to absorb the lengthening shadows of late afternoon and the bellowing of five gunners working over hapless orange clay saucers.

The chicken, however, was just as delicious as last trip, and well worth the wait! I can see that this is going to be standard fare the rest of early autumn every other thursday -- and I suggest you do the same and join in the fun and camaraderie of west central Wisconsin Americana!


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