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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Meet Hammy and Stella!

My good friend Tom Jonson arrived around noon today and after running some errands with me, he was kind enough to come with me to the Eau Claire Humane Society to take a couple of photos of our soon-to-be-family members, Hamilton (Hammy) and Stella. Hammy is the "orange" tabby and Stella is the grey sister of Hammy.
When we arrived they were putting on quite a show, chasing each other around the cage and in and out of the cardboard box that was part of their cage.

In no time at all I was laughing to tears just watching their antics. It was like watching kindergartners -- perpetual motion. I found myself wishing there was some way I could, by reaching out and touching them, absorb some of that energy!

I spoke briefly with the staff and established that we would be picking up our new "kids" on this coming Sunday at noon. Meanwhile, we are cleaning the basement of all the dust left behind of years of kitty litter being poured in the litter boxes for Hannah and Harley.

Because I am now a "senior" the $50 fee per cat was waived, and when we get them both altered, that fee will b e retruned to us as well -- an all around good deal for years of companionship.

I am so looking forward to the patter of little feet!


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