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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Numb Nuts Stays True To Form At Olympics

I haven't even turned on the coverage of the Olympics -- and this picture demonstrates why! What an absolute cretin! Now if Bill Clinton ad held the flag up in such a manner, the press would have massacred him!

All I can think back on is the time that my late friend Gerald FitzGerald and I were watching a Brewers/Texas Rangers game, televised live from Texas. This was back in the day when George Walker daddy Bush had put Numb Nuts in charge of the team -- president, no less -- the television camera zeroed in on the box containing Laura and George -- and there's Georgy-Porgy
knuckle deep picking his nose.

The camera quickly panned elsewhere so I never got a chance to see if he ate it or not. My money would be on "pickin' and chewin'.


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