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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Knee Rehab Beginning to Show Benefits

This morning Kim nad I loaded the bikes into "the tomato" and drove the six miles into town (gotta start somewhere), parked at the tennis courts on First Avenue and unloaded the bikes.

We then rode over to The Grand Avenue Cafe for a late brunch of quiche and eggs in hollandaise sauce. two strong cups of coffee later I was good to go and we covered over three miles, circling through the university campus and into the beautiful housing and streets of the Third Ward before turning back for the park and the ride back home in the red van.

By the time I got back here the knee was stiffening up some, but I am heartened by my progress over the last three weeks. I intend to keep up my therapy at home and ride bike through the colorful season of autumn.

Kim is in her first week of retirement and it is such a joy to know that we can plan what we want to do together each day at our leisure!


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