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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Marcie and Joy -- Two Loves of My Life

I wanted to put this picture of my mother-in-law Joy (she's the younger in the picture) and her sister Marcie in my blog today just to say I LOVE YOU to both of them. Marcie passed away recently in Florida. She was a woman of infinite joy and a love and zest for life. She would send me (and everybody else she loved) cards with wonderfully inventive poems she had written.

Joy is the best mother-in-law a man could every hope to have and of late has suffered way too much for such a good person to endure, having lost her husband, Bob, to first, a very severe stroke and then the final blow, a badly broken hip. Right now, Joy herself is struggling with poor health, battling recently discovered lung cancer. So please say a little prayer for this gracious lady!


Stayed pretty close to home yesterday -- didn't even feel much like doing the blog -- with nothing much worth saying. Still stinging from the way the Packers looked so shitty against the 49'ers and am wondering if it is worth trying to find a friend who gets ESPN for the opening night game against the Queens.

McCarthy obviously has a lot of work to do to get this team anywhere near where it was last year. I find it rather amusing that the organization ships out a three time MVP'er and all time great field general and at the same time raises the average game ticket by $50 a ticket.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons are selling season tickets for $250 a pop.


The knee was still very sore yesterday and the only workout I could give it was riding the stationary bike twice for 10 minute periods. Woke this morning with the pain not nearly as severe and have one round of stationary bike under my belt already, so maybe I can add a bit of stretching second time around later today.

Took Hammy and Stella in to the vet for their first visit. They were very well behaved and much calmer about the whole experience than our last two cats were. Harley and Hannah hated the carrier and the trip in the car and shook with fear all the while they were at the vet.

we got the kittens their rabies shots and their nails trimmed. The vet suggested that we bring them back in in September for the major operations of spaying, neutering, and declawing.

There was some discussion about the positives and negatives of declawing and we decided ultimately that since we are having it done while they are so young, it is not too intrusive and will save on the couches and other furniture.

The vet did find that both cats -- Stella in particular -- are still suffering an upper respiratory infection and after examining and cleaning their ears, there is still signs of mite problems. ( We couldn't believe the gunk the vet extracted from deep within both sets of ears with a Q tip!)

So Kim and I are now playing doctor at home, twice a day, putting cream in their ears and a liquid antibiotic down their throats (no easy task), but we will get them healthy and up to speed in a week or so..

One thing's for certain -- get two kittens in the house together and you have endless entertainment. and you don't have to go out to the pet store and drop $50 for toys. Try cutting a spent toilet paper roll into thirds and toss them on the floor! Ot the old grocery bag trick! Or a super ball. Almost anything that will move along the floor;


In an attempt to get outside myself and stomp these miserable blues, tomorrow afternoon I am jumping in my chiropractor, Chad Wolter's boat, for an afternoon/evening of small mouth bass fishing on Dells Pond. It will be a new experience for me as we will be using "rubber worms" -- so I will be in the learning mode. Maybe I can get some photos for the blog! Just to gete in the mood, I bought some catfish fillets and sweet corn for tonight's meal!


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