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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Favre Didn't Look That Old Or Out of Shape to Me!

Hammy does his impersonation of "Snoopy" whenever I am in the kitchen by climbing out on the divider above the kitchen/living room area to watch me work on preparing dinner.

As both he and Stella become more acclimated to the house, we are beginning to recognize their own personality traits that differ from Harley and Hannah's.

For one thing, we never had a problem with Harley or Hannah being interested in "people food", whereas whenever I cook anything and put it on the table there is an immediate attempt on climbing the chairs to get onto the table and get at the plates.
I have to keep a little spray bottle of water handy to put them in retreat -- that works very well! Two quick squirts and they are off the table and gone.

Same is true with the living plants that we have. They like to get right up into the plants and roll around and chew leaves. Out with the water bottle!

Monday we take them in to the vet for their first check up. We are somewhat concerned about Stella who has a constant sneeze and runny eye -- something the folks at the shelter were giving her antibiotics for even before we brought her home.
Hammy, on the other hand, is very healthy and tears about the house.

Stella does not appear to be sick as her activity is good but we are concerned about the sneezing and watery eye.

We bought a 5 by 8 foot piece of carpet to put the cat boxes on in the basement and keep a vacuum cleaner handy. I am finding this a much better set up than the newspapers we used to put down under the cat boxes for our other cats. Now I just clean the cat boxes, take them off the carpet, do a quick vacuum of the scattered litter and the area is brand spanking clean.

I have been diligent in doing this routine daily and that makes the chore much easier.


I seem to have hit a wall with the knee exercises this past week. The knee became increasingly stiff and painful as the week progressed and I haven't been able to do my stretching exercises for two days.

I have, however, continued to work out on the stationary bike every day and have been icing the knee inside neoprene to try and ease the pain and swelling.

It has been somewhat depressing.

Not as depressing as watching Brett Favre move the Jets down for an easy touchdown march in his first time around as a Jet, then switching over to the Packer game and watching Rodgers dance around and throw off the back foot -- with little or no help from the offensive line.

Ted Thompson, boy genius.

Could be a long season. And all because of Thompson's hubris.


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