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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hammy, Stella Adjusting To New Surroundings

I had forgotten the pure joy of having kittens in the house, if nothing more than as a great source of entertainment.

These two are full of boundless energy (n spurts) followed by long languorous naps on their favorite resting place, an old love seat in the basement that is covered with bagged clothes bound for Good Will and one fuzzy blanket which is like heaven to them!

Last night was a big step forward in their feeling at home. Hammy (the buff male), made his first unaccompanied trip to the loft where I was sprawled out watching television. He jumped up on the couch arm first, then slowly made his way to the blanket I had over myself at the time, and snuggled down between my hip and the back of the couch.

Then he grew bold and climbed up on my chest, just below my chin, and must have caught a whiff of what I had for supper on my breath as he began nuzzling my mouth and purring loudly. He then began to lick my face for a bit.

It was welcome as neither Harley nor Hannah would do that intimacy. My first cat, Rose, was a real lover, and during the winter when I grew my beard, she would groom it for my, lapping away until she was satisfied I was clean!

I am finding that there is nothing wrong with their appetites as their bowl is empty most of the time. That's my cat report for today! I will try not to bore you with too many stories -- will wait until they do something spectacular.


The physical therapy on my right knee continues. The last two days it has been unusually sore but that could because of the weather changes. I am still very much motivated and have a great therapist in Rebecca at Northwoods Therapy Associates, which fortunately, is only about 4 miles away from the house.

I received a call from Junior at Sammy's Pizza yesterday, inquiring if I was considering putting the band back together again. I had, in fact, talked with several of the guys in the band when we played at the Cavalier's game, about getting back together and working bars occasionally (even club work has dried up!) so the call from Junior was the shove I needed and I got on the phone and called Denny Marion, who ordinarily wouldn't work a Friday night, but he will be on vacation both dates that I need him so he said yes -- which pleased me to no end as denny is one of the premiere players in the area. In addition to plaing lead guitar, he is an excellent pedal steel player, a dobro player, a five string banjo man, and he sings!

I also contacted Tim Keilholtz, my regular bas player and he signed on also. Then came the call to Dave "Barney" Barneson, my drummer, as I really needed him to say yes -- and luckily he did!

So the band is in place and we will be at Sammy's Pub (in the back room of Sammy's Pizza, London Road) on Friday, September 19, and Friday, October 24, from 8:30 PM - 11:30 PM. Good hours for a guy whose leg still isn't back to full strength! Hope to see you there!


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