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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thanks To Dr. Chad It Was Good To Be Out On The Water Again

This past thursday evening, I introduced my chiropractor (and friend) Chad Wolter to the Jack Harmon Chicken Dinner at the Durand Rod and gun Club between Downsville and Durand.

We actually arrived quite late (7:30PM) but found that this is probably smarter than arriving at 5PM and waiting to be seated for at least an hour.

In turn, last night Chad introduced me to a new method of fishing for small mouth bass on Dells Pond above the dam on the Chippewa River.

It was a very windy late afternoon, the kind that when I have fished them before, I have come home empty handed, but the wind didn't seem to affect the style we used: A rubber night crawler and large sinker.

Chad has fished Dells Pond extensively and knew where to go to find the fish, which always helps. We headed out at a rapid clip towards the dam and fished the shoreline near the pilings of the old railroad bridge near Pope and Talbot.

It took me a while to get the hang of fishing plastic worms -- I got the first strike of the afternoon but lost the fish after a brief fight of only seconds.

Chad landed a smaller bass a short time later, so we knew they were in there. When we we were almost under the old railroad trestle, I got a good solid strike and landed the bronze back pictured. I decided to return the fish to the river to fight another day.

Overall, fishing was slow, Chad did land a small northern off an island further up into the pond, but we decided to hang it up as it got close to 7PM and I wanted to see if the Packers were going to redeem themselves after the embarrassment in San Francisco last week.

Now Chad I and are talking about possibly doing an overnight fishing/camping jaunt on the Jump River to give me further practice in mastering the art of fishing plastic worms.


The Green Bay Packers looked much better last night. Question of the day: Is this going to be one of those years where you never know which team is going to show up week to week?


After suffering more knee pain than I should be this past week at therapy, I have been advised to make an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon this coming week for x-rays to find out if there is a build up of scar tissue. The appointment has been made.


Kim and I took our bikes into the shop earlier in the week and will be picking them up today. It will be good to work the knee that way as well.

I forgot how allergic I am to poison ivy -- I have an outbreak happening currently -- Man-- I hate the stuff! All you can do is let it run its course.


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