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Friday, February 15, 2008

Two Days On The Road And Happy About It

Back in my room after entertaining The Wisconsin Cattlemen's Association at the Comfort Inn and Suites, DeForest.

Dinner, was of course, prime rib, which drew the ire of some of the Catholic cattlemen since this is Lenten season and you are not to partake of red meat on fridays -- although I thought that particular rule had been dropped several years ago -- shows what I know.

I explained to the audience that I have a brother who is a priest and that I had spoken with him about this particular dilemma and he told me to tell them that I had permission, as a priest's brother to give them a "special dispensation" for the evening.

I then added that it didn't mean diddly and that they would all burn in hell, but buck up, at least it wouldn't be as cold as wisconsin is and they would have me with them. That got a mixed reaction.

Here's a travel tip if you drive east on Highway 94 from Minneapolis to Milwaukee.
There is a great spot to fuel up -- The Road Ranger just southeast of Tomah (wish I could remember the exact exit but if you watch the billboards once you get past Tomah, you will see the huge signs looming above the countryside.

Today gasoline was $3.19 a gallon in Eau Claire and I filled up at the Road Ranger at $2.97 a gallon. So it is well worth your while if you can time it out with your fuel tank.

Yesterday I went over to the Eau Claire Humane Society -- big mistake. Kim has really put her foot down about any further cats in the house, but I am thinking it would be pretty cool to have some companionship while I am working at the office.

At any rate, I went to the back room where there were a number of cats loose in the room, sat down and waited.

Before long a gray female approached, announced herself and hopped up on my lap. I was wearing my WWII B3 sheepskin jacket, unzipped, and she took an instant liking to the wool lining, began purring and working her way, head first, up into my sleeve.

Earlier I had sspent sometime with another entirely gray male cat that I found attractive. He had a really cute way of cocking his head at an angle while looking at me.

So I am contemplating two gray cats for the office -- wondering what I would name tham was fun while driving today.

I will put a lot more thought into this before making a decision. One thing is certain -- they would have a field day with the intruding mouse population over there.

Suppose I should start getting ready to hit the sack. Hopefully I will meet my buddy Stan Johnson for breakfast tomorrow, then venture into the edge of Madison, find myself as Best Buy and pick up a cable for high speed internet.

I left mine home, damn it! I was able to borrow one from the desk here, but I don't want to chance that again tomorrow night.

Will check in tomorrow.


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