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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hinky Pinky Answers/ Adolf Hitler's Response to Super Bowl XVII

Couple of days ago I ran some "hinky pinkys". Here are the correct answers:

1. tiny heinie
2. Nordic floor dick
3. fussy hussy
4. fatter hatter
5. Packer sacker
6. gassy lassie


Today I should be catching up with bills and cleaning this damn rat hole I call an office. I spent a week or more last summer getting the place really spiffed up in anticipation of my brother John's visit and vowed Zi would kept the place "picked up" by putting things away each time I used them.

The road to hell -- so they say --

So instead I met my good friend Judy Willink for breakfast at 7:10AM at the Altoona restaurant, then took my much decorated Packer jacket over to Leatha to have three more patches sewn on -- one is as football shaped green patch with a helmet in the center that says "67" and around the outside it says "The Ice Bowl". The other two are just small oval green patches with gold numbers on them: the number "4" and the number "66" -- the bearers of those numbers have brought a lot of glory to Titletown!

After listening to the weather forecast for Valentine's Day (tomorrow) I thought it best to go out and get my grocery shopping done for our "cooking in" Valentine's evening.

The menu includes thick cut, bone in pork chops which I will stuff with crimini mushroom, seasoned breadcrumb, onion, stuffing, and serve with mashed potatoes and the delicious pork gravy from the baked chops, french cut green beans cooked in a bit of bacon grease and lots of garlic wine vinegar and finely chopped onion, and just a few sliced roma tomatoes, topped with crumbled bacon.

I am working on dessert right now -- a two layer cheesecake that is Kim's all time favorite. It is made with a cinnamon/graham cracker crust and this time I used a larger spring from pan and doubled the bottom layer (32 ounces of cream cheese whipped with a cup of sugar, a half dozen eggs, and a tablespoon of vanilla.

In fact, I need to get that layer out of the oven (it smells done) and let it rest for about half an hour before I make the top layer which will be another 32 ounces -- this time of sour cream and sugar only, and then baked at high temperature for 10 minutes and refrigerated over night.

Happy Valentine's Day. Goodbye heart!

It stuns me when I think of how much I am influenced by the power of suggestion. A couple of days ago I was "skyping" with my pal Matteo in Italy and he, bacheloring as he was at the time, expounded on the wonders of vodka gimlets made with Stlych -- Stolych -- fuck -- Stolie Russian vodka and good old Rose's lime juice, so while I was doing my grocery shopping I was inextricably drawn to the liquor department.

I could not, however, locate the filberts, so I guess I am drinking castrated vodka gimlets today. The liquor pours out of the bottle in a higher key.

You know what's really good in a brandy manhattan? Jalepeno stuffed green olives. Bet they would be good in a gimlet, too. I don't have any of those on hand either.

Reminds me of two jokes. A guy walks into a bar and orders a manhattan. The bar tender brings him a drink and right in the middle of it is a sprig of parsley. The guy says: "What's with the parsley?" The bar tender says: "You ordered a manhattan -- that's Central Park." (bada bing)

Los Angeles has a drink similar to a manhattan called "The Freeway" -- same ingredients, but it takes two hours to get there once you order it (bada boom)

My son David, who lives in Brooklyn, NY, and knows how much I love football, sent me this URL. You MUST watch it -- it almost made me piss myself!!!!


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