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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Helmet Projects -- Getting Better At It

The "winter helmet project" is getting to be more fun each time I work on a new one. This latest example is a "Schutt" helmet that I got through eBay for a measly $10, sent another $4.00 on the blue paint and applied the "New York Giant" decals I already had in my possession.

Notice that I am still to put the jaw pads in place. I have those back ordered at $5.00 a pair. So even though there is a bit of money outlay to do these, I am not spending nearly the money I would if I bought them through a sporting goods store plus I have the enjoyment of a hobby to keep this old man busy in his twilight years.
Actually, turth be told, it's just a way of getting around the fact that I should be cleaning the office again.

Actually I got a good start on it yesterday and am about to scrub the kitchen floor -- which is going to be a back breaker today as I have let the crud build up way too long.

Then I can reward myself with a long bubble bath soak in the old office tub with some good music on the box and asome reading -- currently about the great NY Giant/Washington Redskin linebacker Sam Huff who really established the position of "middle linebacker" as a star role back in the day when a young Tom Landry was defensive coach for the Giants and is credited with developing the 4-3 defense.

Guess I will have to find some white vinyl numbers for my Giants helmet to signify it as a Sam Huff model. His number was "90".

This afternoon I am going back over to the Humane Society to check out the neutered male population of cats. I spent some time there last week and I may have it narrowed down to a couple different gray kitties.

I have even gone so far as to fill out an application. Now I am afraid they will reject me as an unfit daddy.

It's been fun fantasizing what I would name an old gray male cat. General Robert E. Lee comes to mind -- gray -- get it? and I have always been partial to the Disney character name "Bluto".

Well, I can put it off no longer! time to scrub the floor!


As my friend Blinky would say: "I'm noivous! I'm really noivous!" that's because I turned in my application to give a poor stay cat a good home today.

I had been spending time with a couple of different grey cats and one tiger tabby named George over the past two weeks but today I went in and fell in love. He's a big old boy -- an orange tabby they have named Dustin, which is a little too Yuppie for my taste, but assuming I pass the test and am allowed to pick him up tomorrow, I have some time to ponder names.

Rusty comes to mind, but I s'pose that's about as imaginative as "Spot". In the back of my mind, I have always carried "Rochester" as a possibility as he will be the resident butler for this Mr. Benny -- but he will be an orange Rochester, not black. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

I still like Bluto but I don't think this particular cat has a Bluto type personality -- he's pretty laid back. (That could have something to do with the fact that he was recently castrated).

He has a little black spot right in the middle of his nose. I suppose I could call him Booger.

He has a wonderful, very quiet purr, so quiet, in fact, that I had to get my ear down close to him, and then he did something that really sold me -- he gave me a little lick (a kitty kiss). something I hadn't experienced since my last orange Tabby, the lovely Miss Rose. Whatever I decide to name this kitty-boy, he has a lot of expectations to love up to as Rose (even though Hannah and Harley were both wonderful cats) was the most loving pet I have ever had.

This cat is really a pretty big cat. He is four years old and was dropped off by a family when they moved out of town. He has been sitting in the "big house" since last November. Really kinda sad.

Hope it works out, I will give him a good little house to take care of, brush him at least twice a week, feed him well (including treats), supply him with a scratching post, as he still has his claws, and I want him to keep them. He will need them when the little grey beasties with the long tails come to call upon my bacon grease.

I wish I could be here the first night a mouse comes bopping in through their usual gateway to find Rochester/Bluto/Rusty/Russ/Booger as the greeting committee.

And I'm thinking that in winter he's gonna cherish curling up on the love seat right in front of that stove.

Having just re-read my carrying on, I am leaning towards calling him Booger. Here's a really cool thing: Because I am a "Senior", I don't have to pay any fees to adopt! Free a cat! He's free!


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