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Monday, February 25, 2008

Harv Harvison of "I Have The Gift" Can Get It For You

Over the past several years I have established a great relationship with a man, who although I have never met him, I feel like we are friends! His name is Harv Harvison and he has an eBay site out of the Philipines where he has access to having really high class authentic "throw back" jerseys from the 1960's made up for customers.

Now -- these jerseys are not cheap-- but they are worth every penny! I have a Frank Ryan (Browns) jersey, a Billy Kilmer jersey. a Don Chandler (Green Bay kicker) jersey, and most recently, the one pictured here, by special order, a Ray Nitschke. (I purposely put the biography of Mr. Nitschke in the picture to show you how accurate these jerseys are to the real thing.

I had to take the Nitschke jersey into my seamstress because the sleeves were too long. When I came to pick it up, she told me that there had been a customer in who saw the jersey and was really admiring it. So much so, she said, that she felt she had to keep an eye on him so that he wouldn't try to steal it!

I don't know what's up this morning, but I was trying to locate his page that showed jersey choices and couldn't find it. If you would like his e mail address, however, go to my web site, find my e mail address and request it through there.

I have two jerseys made by Mitchell and Ness, supposedly the supreme collector jersey (they sell for nearly $300) and in my opinion they are not nearly the quality of the "Roster" jerseys that Mr. Harvison has.

NOTE: Just heard back from Harv and he is updating his web site with a lot more choices in jerseys! (gulp). To get to the web site, go to: www.nfl-nba-mlb-nhl.com. Browse around! As I said, they put out the best quality jersey I have encountered! I was wearing my "Nitschke" out for breakfast at a restaurant in town this morning while I waited for an oil change and even the waitress --who isn't really a football fan -- was very impressed with the quality of my jersey!

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Don Hays said...

Yes, this site is fantastic. I've purchased jersey's from there before and are 1st class jersey. I have the Longest Yard #22 (Paul Crewe) and the #18 from the newer movie. I get compliments on them every time I wear them. Worth every cent and are very high quality jersey's. Harv, you are #1 in my book. :)