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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Spring Will Come Whether It Wants To Or Not (Damn It)

Tuesday -- day after "Flag Day" -- back-to-work normal day. Sump pump not working at the house. Anytime we draw a glass of water for rinsing teeth in the bath room sink, it reeks of rotten eggs. Nowhere else in the house -- just that faucet.

There will be a call in to the plumber today.

Spent the weekend mulling over whether I want to have a cat who resides at the office -- then I got this poster in my e mail! How would you like to be a mouse that encountered this dude upon breaking and entering???

I haven't checked this morning's temperature readings but having just walked over here from the house, take it from me, IT IS GOD AWFUL!!!

The good thing about getting up when Kim does at 5 AM, is that when I get over here, I still have a sound base of glowing coals to start today's wood stove ablaze with as witnessed in the other photo.

I have it so warm in here right now, that it is nearly impossible to sit on the couch in front of the fire and I can feel the heat radiating on my back as I work at the computer.

It also makes it luxurious to run a steamy hot bath with bubble bath, stretch out and read.

I have been reading books about World War II (currently a book called "The Foot Soldier") and just recently completed a bio about the NFL's ultimate full back, Jim Brown, and am now starting a bio on the great John Unitas.

HEY! HERE'S A NEWS FLASH! THE CARDINALS HAVE BEGUN SINGING THEIR SPRING SONG AS OF NOW! I was sitting here typing away when I thought I heard it, but thought my imagination was playing tricks on me and that I just WANTED and LONGED to hear that Spring song, when it happened again.

some cardinal is out there in his sheep skin jacket. mukluks and muffler and singing his little heart out! It' the second sign of Spring! The first being, of course, potholes that can swallow semi trucks.

This is the time of year you can get picked up for drunk driving because you were all over the road -- trying to avoid pot holes and hundreds of dollars in front end alignment.

Time to go start my bubble bath! Man! I am suddenly in a hell of a good mood! And all because of a bird's Spring song. Thank you, Mr. cardinal!

Remind me to fill my bird feeder!



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