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Sunday, February 24, 2008

World's Biggest Woman Is A Great Dane!

She's seven foot four inches tall -- she's a 320 pound Danish is what she is! That's a lotta sweets with your coffee in the morning. She is the world's largest woman. To quote the old joke -- somebody get me a step ladder and a bucket!

What's rather disturbing is that I am five foot six and I find her extremely attractive. She makes me want to sing show tunes like "Climb Every Mountain"!

She makes me want to quote old war movies: "Cover me -- I'm going in!"


Today's quiz:

Name a former NFL quarterback who became a US Senator and whose name is the same as that of a prominent brand name of ice cream in the Midwest.

Speaking of football -- here's some more to ponder:

How do you keep bears out of your back yard?
Why don't the Minnesota Viking players leap into the stands like the Green Bay Packers do?
What do you call 40 millionaires sitting around watching the Super Bowl?
What's the difference between a 49'er fan and a puppy?
How many Green Bay Packer fans does it take to change a light bulb?


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