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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Humane Society Calls -- Cold Feet Hit, Queer The Deal

I woke up this morning with my old friend fibromyalgia riding me hard. It is such an amazing malady! The only way I can explain it is that it has all the symptoms of the body flu where everything hurts and it is difficult just to move about.

But move about I had to, as today is cleaning woman day at 4896 Hobbs. I did stay in bed as late as I dared - 10 AM and then I dressed and trundled over here.

All morning I have been vascillating in my mind about this cat adoption thing. The Humane Society finally called around 11 to tell me that I had been approved, and well, I couldn't pull the trigger on closing the deal!

The two things that keep me from adopting an office cat are the fact that I know Kim does not want it happening, (even though she won't be directly involved, but feels she would be anyway) and secondly, the cat would be spending nights alone here and during the day, even though I would be here, this is primarily my work space and I couldn't devote the time that should be devoted to a pet because of that.

So, I think I am making the right decision. Obviously I am of two hearts on this. So I am pretty bummed today.

I have to be on the road at 4 to a gig in Haugen tonight. I don't feel much like being a funny man, but probably it will do me good to get out and do it.


For now, it is into a steamy hot bath to soak this achy body -- take a nap and then head out to the job.

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