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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

God Bless Pat Tillman -- a True American Hero

I added something new to my "Packer Shrine" today -- a mock up of an Arizona Cardinals helmet and a Pat Tillman jersey. As far as I am concerned Pat represents the very best of our young men. Here's a guy who gave up millions of dollars and all the glamor of playing in the National Football League for a GI uniform.

He trained to be one our best fighting men -- an Army Ranger and went to duty in a war that even I believed in -- the war in Afghanistan where that son of a bitch Osama bin Laden had been spotted numerous times.

The way Pat died was such a tragedy. He went down under fire from his fellow soldiers in a SNAFU of gigantic proportions. As if this wasn't terrible enough, our so called leadership turned it over to their spin-meisters and told Pat's family and the entire nation lies about what actually happened.

That is why I went out and purchased a likeness of Pat's jersey and made a mock up of his helmet. We need to be reminded daily what a bunch of bastards we have elected to office and hopefully will never let that kind of shit happen again!

We also need to remind ourselves that there are really good, patriotic Americans like Pat Tillman who have paid the ultimate price for their country, unlike that spoiled brat George Bush who never completed his training as a pilot but had the nerve to put on the trappings aboard an air craft carrier and announce that the "Mission's Accomplished".

May this pompous little poseur someday burn in hell!


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