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Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I decided to share this blog as it has some merit:

Posted by: Kyle Giunta (Buffalo Bills Fan)

Brett Favre has announced to the Vikings that he – after three months of “intense and often emotional soul-searching” – has decided to remain retired. I’ve finally become so sick of him that I have drafted the following letter. Please feel free to submit your amendments.

Dear Brett,

Thanks for the news! I expected that we would be hearing from you seeing as someone else (*cough* Mike Vick) was in the spotlight for the last twenty-four hours. I know how much you hate that and I’m so happy to have heard from you! It’s really too bad that you’ve decided not to play for Minnesota; I was really looking forward to watching your career hit a new rock bottom. Of course, I would have liked it a lot more if you had patched things up with the Jets so at least those picks could have been thrown the way of Bills’ defensive backs.

Also, I really just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic career: Three-time MVP, a decade’s worth of Pro-Bowls, and, of course, a Super Bowl ring. Too bad it will be remembered with a thin layer of tarnish due to your ridiculous early-onset dementia and “flip-flopping” antics that would make even the most ambivalent politician blush.

Okay, I admit it, I’m not being truly fair. You were and are a great quarterback. I am just really really sick of hearing about you. RETIRE! (✓) FOR GOOD (✓?).

Here’s to you Gunslinger and Lambeau Legend. Here’s to your final ride into the sunset. For the love of God stay there.


Everyone (especially your biggest fans)

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