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Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Last week I purchased a new used MacBook Pro to replace my Toshiba laptop - a laptop that at one point I took in to the "Geek Squad" because the internet section had stopped functioning . They informed me that it would cost more for me to have it repaired than it would just to replace it with a new one -- from their store of course.

Do you think I got my MacBook from Worst Buy? I don't think so. I went online and found a great deal on my MacBook. Next I gave my "broken" laptop to a very computer savvy young man, Gabe Wieseler.

Then I took my MacBook Pro into the local Apple/Mac dealer and told them to look over my new machine and to tweak it so that it would be running at peak performance. In addition I took in my Mac and had them transfer all the files on to my laptop.

Now one would think that they would put the latest updates on the machine as I had asked them to - tweak it for maximum pefrormance - but $180 later I get my laptop home and find that many of my programs crash.

So I call Gabe and he tells me that he has my Toshiba up and running - just by reinstalling the start up disc. So I am down here at his house this afternoon and he has cleared up all my problems on the Macbook by installing the correct updates.

His mother suggests paying me something for the Toshiba -- but I tell Gabe that the Toshiba is his as long as he will be my techhie. Pretty fair exchange, I think.


While he was helping me with my computer problems, Gabe turned me on to Pandora Radio which is an amazing site that lets you choose the tune or artist that you want to listen to - with a good pair of head phones and a laptop you are are set to do an afternoon's work with great music in your ears.

I won't even go into the excellent features of Pandora -- just go check it out yourselves at www.pandora.com. If you love music, you won't be sorry.


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