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Saturday, July 11, 2009


Last night I picked son Jonathan up at his hotel, the Aloft, and we went to meet my friend Kurt Weber for dinner at Figlio's on Calhoun Square. The ride to the restaurant became a real fiasco - one that if we hadn't left in plenty of time, would have had tempers flaring.

It seems that I must have entered the address for the restaurant into my GPS incorrectly because when we arrived at the supposed address we were in a warehouse district with no restaurant in sight!

Remembering that Kurt had said that the restaurant was near Barbette's, the site of sunday's music, I then entered the address for Barbette's, thinking that I recalled exactly where the Italian restaurant in question was located as we (I thought) had dined there three years ago, the last time Les Sans Culottes worked the outdoor festival.

When we arrived at the Barbette location, I realized that it was a different Italian restaurant - Victoria's - and I still didn't know where Figlio's was located.

So I finally got smart, I thought, and went into Barbette's and retrieved the address from their telephone address - 3001 Lake Street - and followed the GPS directions - only to find ourselves in a residential neighborhood nearby. It was then I realized that in my haste and frustration I had typed in"001" not "3001".

We finally found Figlio's tucked in a corner and virtually out of sight. We made it with five minutes to spare.

Dinner was less than whelming. In conversations with our waitress we found out that it is in it's death throes with a closing date of September 19, supposedly another victim of the current economic climate, but to my way of thiking, it is that the food is just not very good! Jon and I split the veal and spinach stuffed cannelloni and it was rubbery and the sauce came no where near being Italian tasting.

We, however, did not let this get in the way of having an enjoyable evening with Kurt - and I am hoping that he will be able to get off work in time to catch Jonathan's set sunday night.


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