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Thursday, July 9, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a lineman's "cage" in titanium at a very good price - formerly used by the Colorado Buffalo football team, this cage is the same dark green used by the Packers so, of course, I snapped it up, and then began looking for a yellow helmet to attach it to. Luckily, within a few days I found a yellow helmet, somewhat battle-scarred, but at a good price of just over $34.00. (the new ones run $94.13).

I then contacted my pal Marty in Milwaukee who has been supplying me with Packer decals and ordered the set I would need to complete the helmet.

Miraculously, all parts arrived within a week of one another. I spent a goodly amount of time this afternoon cleaning the exterior of the helmet with "Goo Gone", which is a great cleaner to take off paint hits from other helmets as well as any left over adhesives. The completed helmet is pictured here.

I counted up my total helmet collection - this makes #22!

I will be bringing my laptop and my camera with me this weekend as tomorrow I leave for Kim's sister's house to stay through sunday. Jonathan's band "Les Sans Culottes will be arriving by plane around noon tomorrow to play for a big Bastille Day street party outside the restaurant Barbette on sunday.

So tomorrow night I am meeting Jon and a former student and good friend of mine, Kurt Weber, for dinner and we will hang until this old fart crashes.

Saturday, Jon will be spending the day with his mother and then joining his band mates for dinner at Barbette's - to be folllowed by heavy duty partying with the other scheduled bands for the rest of the night.

Sunday late morning I will be picking Jon up and we will go out to brunch before joining in the musical festivities for the rest of the day. Here is the schedule of bands:

Barbette Bastille Day Block Party
1600 W Lake St
Minneapolis, MN 55408-2547
(612) 827-5710

Stage Line Up:
4:00-4:35 Yid Vicious
4:50-5:25 The Idle Hands
5:40-6:20 Romantica
6:20-6:40 Live Action Set
6:50-7:30 Sims of Doomtree
7:45-8:25 Halloween, Alaska
8:35-8:45 Foxy Tann & the Whambamthankyouma'ams
9:00-10:00 -- (((((LES SANS CULOTTES))))))

Jon asked if I would bring the Gretsch Tennessean Chet Atkins autograph model guitar up with me so that he could use it for the set, so I took it to Sound of Music today and had a fresh set of strings installed.

I plan on writing blogs covering the weekend's activities while I am on the road, so watch for them this weekend.


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