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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Started out my saturday in typical fashion by locating a Perkins restaurant just off Highway 7. While I was working on my short stack, I noticed that the staff was setting up for a rather large gathering near my booth. Shortly thereafter "grandma and grandpa" were the first to arrive and overhearing their conversation I could tell that they were waiting for their son and his family to arrive. Grandma was cute as she directed the strategy in seating so that she could be surrounded by grandchildren.

Then the family began to arrive. Mom and Dad and FIVE kids! The eldest couldn't have been more than eight and the youngest just under two. How does a family that size survive in these days? I suppose there are two sides to debate here, but I find it a bit irresponsible to have that many offspring in a world that is already polluted and overcrowded.

Mom looked tired.

Upon returning to my sister-in-law's condo, plans for the day were laid out. It was to be a day of finding urns for ashes and to locate a flat screen television set for Kristi -- oh, and a decent mouse pad for me.

first stop was a huge Sam's Club where we located a set to Kristi's liking and my recommendation - a 40 inch Sony LCD Bravia. We have a 46 inch set similar to this one - a replacement for the Hitachi Horror that I chronicled here on this site some time ago. Kristi also decided to add a 19 inch Sharp flat screen for the kitchen that would be set up with a small in house antenna.

Kim and Kristi located two beautiful urns at Pier One, then we moved on to Excelsior as Kristi knew a shop that carried "stoppers" which were needed for the urns. Excelsior was in the throes of a summer street sale and I made it about half way there before my damaged leg would allow me to go no further, so I told the women to go on, found myself a bit of shade and "people watched" until they returned.

Our final stop was an Office Max for the mouse pad - I went for basic black as opposed to cute kittens, playing puppies, and diving dolphins.

As technology advances, I become more and more aware of just how far behind I am getting left -- choking on the dust of television manuals that were obviously written by an English speaking Chinese - talk about awkward sentence construction!

The three of us worked on getting the kitchen TV up and running, but towards the middle of the melee I decided we had too many chiefs and I bowed out (in a stressed out huff, I must admit - with apologies to the women - who stayed with it until they got it running as well as can be expected this far away from the broadcast towers.

For my supper, as Kim and Kristi were doing huge salads, I opted to order a Diavanni's pizza from the joint over on Highway 7. I ordered a pepperoni, mushroom, and extra cheese. When I arrived to pick it up, the slip was for $13.89 and it read SAUSAGE, mushroom, extra cheese. I pointed this out to the cashier who called the manager over. He apologized and gave me the pizza at no charge.

Free pizza? I can learn to like your sausage, Mr. Diavanni. (Oops, that didn't sound very good, did it?)

So today is going to end up being a long one so I need to get plenty of rest. Sometime around noon I am joining Jonathan for brunch and visiting before the outdoor music starts at Barbette's at 4 this afternoon. Since Jon's band, Les Sans Culotte, doesn't perform their set until 9PM, I am thinking that I will retreat back here until evening descends and then go back down town for the set at 8PM, then listen to Jon play before we head out to return to Stella and Hammy - almost embarrassing how much I miss those furry little guys whenever I am gone for more than 24 hours!

To that end, here are gratuitous photos of the beloved and dearly missed.


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