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Sunday, September 28, 2008

TAP, TAP, TAP, TAP -- What's That Sound Emanating From the Packer Offices High Above Lambeau?

My good friend Liz Fischer started it -- every time things start going wrong on the playing field for the Pack, she starts in with the sound: "tap, tap, tap" --

"What is that sound you are making?" I asked.

"That's the sound of nails being pounded into Ted Thompson's coffin", she replies..

And with today's loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs, nail inventory dropped noticeably at the Home Depot. When Rogers left the game with a shoulder injury in the third quarter (just after throwing a touch down pass) I wonder how many Packer fans, as I did, started mumbling about "putting the old man in".

Oh, that's right -- The Old Man was busy at the time, picking apart the Arizona Cardinals on his way to a ridiculously high scoring victory.

Side note: How many Packer fans out there think that Brett Favre would have taken himself out of the game after having just thrown a touch down pass while in a great deal of pain because of landing on his shoulder a few plays earlier?

With the game on the line as it was, we all know that Brett would have gone back in there as long as that arm was still attached to his body.

Instead, we had to go to Matt Flynn, who got an illegal procedure penalty on his first call from scrimmage.

I mentioned to my wife at the time that there was no way Brett Favre would have taken a series of downs off as Rogers did. Tap, Tap, Tap!

Suddenly, the prediction my buddy from Distant Replays down in Atlanta made yesterday seems easier to swallow: 10-6.


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