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Friday, September 5, 2008

Of Chicken, Minnesota Vikings, and Bicycles

Kim, Gordy Bischoff, Alice Hampton, and I made the thursday night trek over to the Durand Rod and Gun Club for the delicious John Harmon Chicken Dinner. That makes my string of attendance 3 for 3 this year!

We had a great time albeit we were served last. In fact, being served last gave us an opportunity to sit with "the help". A good laugh was had by all when one of the gals came by with an errant purse and asked if it belonged to any of us. Gordy said (in his best falsetto): "Yes, that's my purse!"

Then our attention was drawn to the young lady pictured as the rest of the staff was ripping on her all night in the kitchen for wearing the tee shirt she is displaying. (In case you are having trouble deciphering what it says on her shirt, it reads: My favorite team is the Minnesota Vikings and anyone who beats the Packers." Such venom!

I found it imperative to go out to the car and get my Packer jacket to strike a balance in the photo! Her name is Becky
Sobota and I asked if she wore the shirt because she is originally a Minnesota "mud duck" -- to my amazement she told me she is an Arcadia, Wisconsin, Sobota! (that's tantamount to being a Bauer from Durand).

Not only that, she is a Wisconsin Badger fan as well as a Milwaukee Brewer follower! I asked if her mother had dropped her on her head when she was a baby!

At any rate, HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY, BECKY! (She was born on Labor Day). How very fitting, eh?

After several trips to the Eau Claire Cycle Shop on 'Water Street, I could no longer resist the bike that I fell in love with on our first visit there some weeks ago to get our bikes tuned up.

I put a down payment on this beauty and hope to be able to pay off the balance in time to ride it during the Fall color season!
Terry, the store owner, is just one of the nicest people you could ever do business with. If you are looking for a bicycle, please visit him -- you won't be sorry.

They also do an excellent job of repairs and tune ups and are very accessible with parking behind the shop next to Racy D'lene's Coffee House.


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