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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jewish Rye Just The Latest In Wonderful Fare

It is alarming to awaken every day to the realization that the United States of America is not only still very much divided red/blue but that the hatred is so deep and vile that I cannot foresee any change in the near future. At a time when we need more than ever to be a united force for good in the world, we are instead so filled with a negativity in world view.

It is extremely frightening to hear political ads that are blatantly filled with lies -- not small half truths, but out and out BIG LIES. I can only compare it to the Nazi regime when the Geobbels theory was: Make the lie big (the bigger the better) and repeat it again and again, and the lemmings of the general populace will believe.

I really believe that America's total undoing is very near. Faced with a Republican administration that has purposely misled and lied to us for not four but eight years and to know that many Americans are willing to cast their vote for more of the same makes my blood run cold.

Ultimately, my deepest fear is that in the privacy of the voting booth, most Americans will not vote for a black man. Couple this with the fact that the Republican candidate refuses to let his health history be opened to scrutinization and that the presidency could ultimately go to yet another "faith-based" bible-beater, and I can only conclude that we are in for four more years of George Bush.

I have to stop thinking about it as it is much too depressing. I pray each day that there are enough of us who are fed up with the lying and still have enough of a brain to vote intelligently. But I think that would be giving Americans way too much credit.


So I will speak of better, more uplifting things -- like producing one's own home made bread.

Pictured is my third go round from the pages of "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes" - a loaf of home made caraway rye I baked early this morning while we made preparations to take the kittens in for the big day of operations -- spaying, neutering and declawing.

As pictured, I couldn't resist a taste and lopped off a chunk of the "heel". It is wonderfully fragrant, chewy and crispy at the same time, and will make an excellent accompaniment with hearty soup or cheeses.

Last week, using the recipe for Jewish Challah, I made several pans of sweet rolls which were the very best I have ever had!


Medical Report: Hammy and Stella came through their respective operations today with flying colors, will be kept overnight at Westgate Animal Hospital, and returned to us tomorrow afternoon.

Hooray! Are hearts have been stolen by the little ones and we are both so very pleased they came through okay!


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