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Sunday, September 28, 2008

First of the "Last" Finished -- Salute to Tiki Barber

Pictured is one of two Schutt helmets I snapped up from eBay this week as I had been looking for a metallic blue helmet on which to use my NY Giant decals -- I was able to purchase this one for $15.50 as it is a bit battle scarred.

Still I think it came out well. I put the number "21" on it as I have a Tiki Barber jersey to accompany it and I admire the fact that he, upon making his decision to retire, stayed with it.

His "bad-mouthing" of the coaching staff after retirement was unfortunate, but justice prevails as the G-Men went on to win the Big Show without him.

I also have an Eli Manning jersey so I suppose I could peel off the "21" in favor of "10" somewhere down the road.

I am still waiting for the yellow Schutt helmet I won just this past week and have ordered a lineman's face mask for that helmet, so it will have to represent a Packer line man, I guess.

More later today -- Gotta run -- Sunday mornings are Kim and my traditional pick up the Sunday paper and pour over them at Perkins days!


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