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Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Because I am a Big dish "C-Bander", fed up with the high prices and bullshit that came with Directv, I do not receive ESPN any longer, forced out by the corporations who sold out to the little dish boys.

I toyed with finding a "Sports Bar" to watch Monday night's contest between arch-rival Packer/Vikings but decided that I would go there only if I could not beg someone I knew who had ESPN to let me watch with them.

The very idea of sitting in a bar with a crowd that would more than probably be a mixture of local Green Bay fans and snot nosed Minneapolis/Edina college students who have recently returned to flood Eau Claire's University campus was far too repugnant!

I found my respite and solace with Tiit and Ann Raid in Fall Creek, where I put together a large sausage pizza just before game time.

As the news announced this morning, The Packers scraped by, thanks to an Atari Bigby pic in the waning moments.

It's all well and good that the Green and Gold are 1-0 and that Aaron Rodgers just may have shaken the monkey from his back. Still there are things gnawing at me this morning. How long can Rodgers go without getting injured? Is he tough enough to last a season? This gnaws at me.

It also gnaws at me that although he played a good game (check his stats), he is vanilla ice cream to Brett Favre's hot fudge banana split.

He's just not that fun to watch. I know, I know. I am spoiled by the boyish exuberance of the hillbilly from Mississippi. Perhaps I can get past this.

A win is a win is a win!

I perused an article this morning that talked of the tremendous hit Adrian Peterson put on corner back Al Harris last night:

Peterson: Collision with Harris was no accident
GREEN BAY, Wis. -- We have an answer. Vikings running back Adrian Peterson acknowledged Monday night that it was no accident he ran over the player responsible for his right knee injury last season.

As we noted earlier, Peterson ran over Packers cornerback Al Harris in the first quarter of Green Bay's 24-19 victory. Harris, of course, was the player whose low -- but clean -- hit on Peterson resulted in a torn lateral collateral ligament in the teams' 2007 matchup at Lambeau Field.

"No grudges," Peterson said. "But I definitely wanted to come out and, if I had the opportunity, put a little boom on Harris."

Peterson finished with 103 yards on 19 carries, the seventh 100-yard game of his career.


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