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Monday, September 29, 2008

"Hammy-Bammy" and "Stella-Bella" Rule!

Here is a photo taken just this morning of two of the coolest cats in the world -- Hamilton and Stella! Yes they are looking none the worse for recent surgery and have already returned to their playful ways. Their appetites are good and Kim and I are truly blessed with two of the sweetest, most cuddly cats we have ever experienced!

We had to buy them different (deeper) cat boxes because the first ones we had did not have a high enough lip on them! I spent 10 minutes a day vaccuming up the litter they had thrown out of the boxes while covering.

They -- like all cats -- have individual traits. These two like to jump into the cat boxes just after I have cleaned them and roll around in the clean litter, then dig and throw litter about.


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