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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back In The Kitchen Again -- Feels Good!

In peparation for a two day visit from my mother-in-law, Joy, and my sister-in-law, Kristi, last night I became inspired enough to make up some of my lasagna.

I dug through the cupboards and finally located my chrome plated pasta machine. I then proceeded to make two small dough balls consisting of bread flour, salt, an egg, a tablespoon of water and a dash of good grade olive oil.

I generally follow the cookbook you see pictured ( "Mama D's Italian Cooking With a Pinch") -- a wonderful woman who ran Sammy D's Restaurant in Dinkeytown, near the U of Minnesota campus, Minneapolis.

I first discovered that restaurant while I was working various clubs nearby. I don't know whether it is till in existence. I will google it upon concluding this writing to see if it is.
Anyway -- I digress. I say I "generally" follow her recipes, but I make my own noodles from scratch as there is nothing more succulent and delicious than a home made, slow cooked noodle -- they literally melt in your mouth! what's more, baking the pan of lasagna ahead of time and then allowing it to sit, refrigerated overnight, gives all the ingredients a chance to meld and get to know one another intimately.

Mama D's meat/ricotta cheese mixture, which is layered, uncooked in the lasagna, is just the best -- redolent of garlic and a touch of oregano.

I also made a lemon bunt cake and bought a loaf of garlic studded artesan Italian bread to go with the lasagna and the tossed salad that will be served this evening.



Googled Sammy D's and found no listing but there are a number of Italian restaurants in the Minneapolis area under the D'Amico and sons umbrella and I would venture to guess that these are offspring of Mama and Sammy D.

Of course, this is just me guessing. I very well may have to do some culnary research next time I am in the Cities.


Time to scrub out the office bathtub (which hasn't been used since the end of school) and get my bubble bath/soak in before our company arrives.

Packer football is less than a week away!


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