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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Keeping Distracted! Finishing NY Giants, Packer Schutt Helmets

For the last six months I have had decals for a New York Giants helmet (one of my favorite designs of all the NFL) and one final set of Green Bay Packer decals.

I decided some time ago that I wanted to apply both sets to Schutt helmets rather than the more populary used Riddells, so I have been combing eBay daily in search of a metallic blue and a mustard yellow.

Oddly, I found both of the helmets i needed from the same source and got them on really rather low bids. Both helmets are used and show signs of "combat", but since all of the rest of my collection look brand new, these will be a nice contrast.

I will post pictures of both as I get further into the project.

One of the really cool side effects of immersing myself in this hobby is that now when I attend UWEC football games (I am a season ticket holder again this year)I can point out exactly which company's helmet any particular player is wearing and the model as well.

Being a "traditionalist", I don't really like the new and improved Riddell Revolution helmets -- they are, I suppose better from the stand point of protection, but asthetically, I just don't like them.

If you want to see the difference between the regular Riddell and the newer "Revolution" model, Brett Favre wears the older model and Peyton Manning sports the new Revolution model.

The Schutts, on the other hand, are not as rounded as the Riddells and you can see evidence of padding both along the front sides of the helmet above the cheek bones, and extra padding juts out below the helmet line in the back of the helmet.

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