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Saturday, April 4, 2009


So I found a Riddell VSRY2 large helmet on ebay through a pawn shop out east and I could tell that it was pretty beat up so I put a top bid of $34.00 on it and won it at $31.00 When it arrived two days ago I was really glad that I hadn't spent more as the interior is filthy and the screws holding the snaps, etc, are really corroded.

After scrubbing out the interior, I set to work dismantling the face mask, padding and all the screws. I went to Menard's and bought a large can of navy spray paint as well as a can of clear lacquer to finish it off with when I had enough coats of navy on the helmet.

I had a lot of trouble getting even distribution of the paint - I must have put four coats on it before I turned to the clear. When I applied the clear -- disaster struck! all kinds of "spider-webbing" on the surface.

The next morning was spent wet sanding with a very fine grit until all the spider webbing was finally gone. (well nearly, anyway.) then I re-sprayed with two light coats of navy and decided to quit while I was somewhat ahead.

This afternoon, the black striping for the Forty Niner helmet that was inadvertently forgotten in shipment arrived so I was able to finish the 49'er helmet too.

Now all that is left in "Helmet World" is the arrival of a white Rawlings helmet from Dan Dunn Collectibles out in Maine. I already have the decals and numerals to make a representation of Lance Alworth's helmet when he played for the San Diego Chargers.


I worked last night in Oakdale, Minnesota doing a fund raiser for a fine group of people who gather together to raise money so taht people who ordinarily would not be able to make a down payment on a modest home can do so as this group buys the land that the house sits on. substantially reducing the cost to the home owner.

I had one of those nights where everything "clicked" and the 45 minute set felt like 20 minutes! Unfortunately I did not get on until around 9:30 PM so I didn't get home until well after midnight.

There was one hitch in the vening's proceedings. They had a DeeJay working the floor also - and when he packed up his gear, he somehow managed to pack up one of my speaker stands - which I didn't notice until he was long gone and I was doing my final walk through to be certain I had everything and discovered it missing.

Now said DeeJay is going to have to figure out how to get that stand back to me by the time I have to work this coming saturday at Leaker's in Glenwood City!

That's it for today -- need to write credit card bills and get a nap -- I am getting grouchy!


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