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Friday, April 17, 2009


I have always loved traditional small bodied 12 fret acoustic guitars with the slotted peghead - guitars that date back to the mid 1800's; the kind that went west with the homesteaders, the kind that cowpokes might pull out of the chuck wagon before turning in around the camp fire.

That's why when I was forced to sell a really great little parlor guitar that I had found on my travels, I felt that my "arsenal" was empty.

Then this Cort guitar caught my eye through computer reviews and I began seriously to try to locate one for myself. finally about two weeks ago I found a dealer in Florida who carries the exact guitar I was looking for. The original Cort had a rosewood fingerboard which had a very elaborate flower pot inlay on the neck.

The newer model (which I bought and is pictured here) is equipped with no fancy inlay but comes with an ebony fingerboard - which I much prefer to rosewood.

I have been playing this guitar around the house and office for a couple weeks now and I am really starting to appreciate its sound. All my other guitars are big old dreadnoughts with huge sound - particularly on the bass side, but this little parlor is as delicate little lady with a wonderfully clean and sparkling soprano high end. The bass side is a bit thin as is to be expected in a small bodied guitar, but overall, this has been a very good investment considering that it cost well under $500.00.

The top is solid cedar, the back is solid rosewood, and the sides are rosewood laminate. Eventually I will install a two pick up configuration which will help it be heard loudly and clearly when played through my P.A. system.

For now, it is the house guitar -- and it is a great 68th birthday present!


I am pleased to announce that "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", the upcoming show with my brother, Father John, has found a venue in Wausau, Wisconsin for Friday night, May 15th. We will start our three day run with a performance at Wausau East High School, which I understand has a magnificent new auditorium.

My thanks to my manager Elizabeth Fischer for all the diligent work in lining up another great room!


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