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Thursday, April 9, 2009


If you get a chance today, go to www.huffingtonpost.com and check out the Billy Bob Thornton Interview on CBC radio. I think you will agree that ol' Billy Bob just ain't a "morning person". Can you say asshole?

It's official - the Tainter Memorial Theater is adding another show of "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" on sunday, May 17. Originally my brother Father John Heagle and I were to do a 2PM show sunday afternoon, but as of yesterday there were only a few tickets left for that show - and this before any serious publicity for the show had been advanced.

The second show will be at 7PM.


This week's hi-jacking of an American freighter laden with food for the starving in Africa is just the latest atrocitiy committed by small groups of Somali "pirates" - I prefer to call them terrorist-thugs .

Now I know that the Indian Ocean is a large body of water but one would think by now that our government would have taken some steps to counter-act these attacks.

In my mind, I see fighter planes flying very high cover - one per ship - and I mean very very high cover - so high that there is no way they can be seen by the interlopers. When the "pirates" make their move in their small craft, the fighter plane can drop quickly from out of the clouds and blast them to such minute pieces that it would take a magnifying glass to find anything of the remains.

I think the "pirates" might start taking a second look at their activities.


Or maybe just put Billy Bob Thornton on board the freighter, sleep deprive him and don't let him have coffee.


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