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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It's wednesday morning and day 4 of Kim and my all too brief vacation to the glorious Oregon coast, a trip that was originally scheduled for last summer as a "Brothers Heagle" reunion, but was waylaid by bad news on the health of Kim's mom.

We wanted to take advantage of the original tickets which cost us $340 a piece. We were told when we were forced to cancel the trip that we would be able to use the tickets as long as we did so before May 15. We were also advised that there would be a "substantial penalty." Substantial indeed! The new tickets cost us an additional $328 a piece!

My brother Bob graciously agreed to drive us up to the Minneapolis airport this past sunday, and we were in the air and on our way via Frontier Airlines by 2:30 PM. With a layover in Denver, we landed in Portland, Oregon, around 7:45PM.

Brother John and his counseling partner, Sister Fran Ferder met us at the gate. From there it was another hour and a half drive down the Oregon coast to John's beautiful home which is right on the ocean at Glen Eden Beach.

The next day was spent touring the region by car. (I have taken many pictures and will post on the blog when I get back home.) Kim didn't seem to be affected by jet lag, but truthfully, it pretty much knocked the wind out of me!

Living right on the ocean, the weather can be totally different than it is only 10 mile or so inland. It is, of course, much cooler here by the sea. Overall the weather has b een magnificent and this vacation has been just the ticket!

Since our return flight tomorrow leaves fairly early, we are going to have John drive us up to Portland tonight, motel it near the airport and be in position tomorrow. I am excited about this prospect as on the way up the coast we will get a chance to see Howard Hughes' "Spruce Goose", the huge eight engine aircraft he built in the thirties. We saw it at a distance on the way down.

I am also glad we will have a little time in Portland as I was very impressed with the city on our way through. Portland is purported to be one of the "greenest" cities in the country.

I will have a more in depth report on our stay when I get back home - I just wanted to write this so those who read the blog know why it has been so quiet as of late.

The only thing we are having difficulty with? We are both missing our furry little pals, Hammy and Stella, and are hoping they will still know us when we get back!


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