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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


You may think this photo strange, but if you look closely you will see that it is a walk in closet (sort of) with shelves on the right hand wall, all fully crowded with items I can't seem to part with at this point.

The photo I chose is now a symbol of my entire cleaning triumph over Larry's Little Man Cave at 4888 Hobbs - no small chore - Yes, let's use that very same closet as an example.

It was stuffed with stuff so high that you couldn't see the window in the back (and how cool is it that my closet has a window, eh?) and the main open portion was stacked with card board boxes, paper towels, boxes of fire starters, more card board boxes, a broken fly rod, a baseball mitt, original boxes for my die cast collection, old tennis shoes I should have thrown out, a bag of charcoal, football helmets that I ended up not using for my collection, and more!

The huge St Patrick's Day poster finally found a home -- in the closet where it should be! And the nearly black object below the poster is the vacuum cleaner - the bag of which needs emptying.

So I got a room for all my cleaning stuff, complete with mirrors.

The entire office got a face life over the pat eight or so days and the man cave is looking extremely posh. I took on the mess from room to room. I found out that if you really concentrate on cleaning EVERYTHING in a room, it is much more pleasing to the eye. Now the big question is will I follow the promise I have made more than once that I will keep it neat and tidy, cleaning up every day what needs to be cleaned - putting away what needs to be put away -

I haven't been able to do it so far. the last time it looked this good was when my brother Father John was my house guest for several days.

And the time before that was when lovely Perla Batalla stayed over night while she was on tour. Man, that's been over a decade ago! Yikes!

I clean the office in military terms -- I establish a beach head in the office computer area and eliminate all resistance by wiping them out.

Then I move like soldiers in a street battle, in the ruins, taking one room at a time!

Man, my office is CLEAN! I'm gonna have to have a Boys Nite Inn party soon!


My pal Steve (Roy) Rogers stopped by the man cave the other day - always nice to talk to him as he is a great story teller and believe me he has lived some stories worth telling!

He got going on how the DNR here in Wisconsin has or had a program of transferring what they referred to as "Problem Bears" from wherever they were causing problems such as damaging property and generally bumping up against folks, to another area in the state, usually further north.

All this did was cause an increase in the number of problem bears in the state because the bears bad behavior was passed on to the next generation.

Sounds sort of like the Catholic Church, don't it?



So that's why I haven't been logging much lately on the blog -- life happens.