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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hey, guitar gear heads! This is my Seagull SM12 twelve string guitar that I was able to practically "steal" during some horse trading at a big guitar dealership which shall remain anonymous. When I first acquired it, it sat around the house for almost a year before I finally bought a set of d'Addario phosphor bronze lights for it.

After stringing it up and getting the tuning and stretching and retuning out of the way, I was truly amazed at how much this supposed "low end" guitar puts out not only in volume but in exquisite ringing tone.

Let's see -- in the past I have owned a Guild 12'er, a Martin D-12-35, and a big old Harmony Sovereign 12 string - and although each of those was special in its own way, none of them can equal this guitar in a couple of areas.

First off, this is the first 12 string guitar that I have owned that consistently stays in tune. Anyone who has owned a twelve string guitar knows what a nightmare it is to keep in tune - for an entire song, much less an entire set! but the Seagull discovery of "straight line" tuners truly makes a difference in keeping the instrument true.

Secondly, maybe it is just this guitar, but it has a really even, shimmering sound when strummed - from the highs to the mids to the lows - it is all there!,

Ordinarily I steer clear of guitars that do not have solid wood all round. However, this SM12 has cherry laminate back and sides and it still has a really commanding voice, not thin in the least.

After putting the new set of strings on her I got so excited that I taught myself the chord progression for Gordon Lightfoot's "The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald", a very haunting chord structure just made for backing with a 12 string. I found the lyrics and there are too many, but Lightfoot's poetry is excellent!

Should really memorize it. After all, Wisconsin gets a mention!



Dear God, please send clothes
for all those poor ladies
on grandpa's computer.


1 comment:

Duke said...

Wow, sounds like you really lucked out with the 12-string. A nice one will have a special sound. Try Allman brothers Melissa on it - it should should nice also.

Yes, Lightfoot is a poet and I'm glad to hear you've learned the F. Scott Fitzgerald.

strum on mi amigo!