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Saturday, June 5, 2010


Yesterday was Ron Keezer's seventieth birthday and he threw a hell of a party at his house on Wilson Circle. He had a beautiful afternoon for the party after brief rain in the morning.

One of the highlights for me was running into one of the best drummers around, Steve Zenz, shown here doing his drummer's "para-diddles" with bratwurst - he is still the wild man that drummed for me years ago on wide awake Water Street with a country rock band I threw together named "Yesterday's Wine".

Yesterday he was acting chef alone with Ron's very famous jazz pianist son, Geoffrey, who you can see just beyond Steve.

I downloaded the picture from yesterday and realized I didn't get any pictures of the birthday boy himself. DUH! Ron and several other friends that turned 70 this year did their "Barely Alive" dance for the guests - I'm afraid it reminded my less of John Travolta and more of an old folks conga line.
This morning Kim and I continued out side work. she is finishing up the planting and landscaping along the house. While she worked at that, I assembled the fancy schmancy hose house and hooked it up so we will be ready to water all the new plants when it gets to be hot and dry in July.
The Hostas are really looking good this season. I think this is their third year. It obviously takes a while for plants to adapt to their new home. Kim planted some Liver Wort and
filled in between with "White Nancy". It already looks great but in a couple of years it will be absolutely beautiful.

I spent a good hour combing both the properties, picking up sticks and branches that i don't want to run over with the lawn mowers.

Both the lawn mowers are in the shop this week - the Murray rider needs a new blade and some deck balancing so that it mows evenly.

the pull-to-start "Weed Eater" hand mower ran pretty well for a couple of weeks after I put a very expensive spark plug in it -- but it ate that one up (I probably didn't have it gapped correctly). I put another new plug in it but it refused to turn over and the recoil is like trying to pull teeth.

the office is completely clean! And so far, I am on day four and there is no clutter about whatsoever! Liz Fischer tells me that if you continue to pick up after yourself immediately for 21 days, it becomes habit. Man, I hope so!

Sure is nice working in a clean space.

Liking this rain! We needed it and it will help our new planting. Hope you have a great summer! Enjoy it because I really think the end is near.


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