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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Kim dropped in over here at the bungalow to find me soaking in a hot bath, trying to read a book, something that I really enjoy doing, soaking and reading. trouble is, the lighting is so bad in the bathroom, especially in the tub area, that it is really difficult to read!

She thought about it for a while and then told me she thought that I should get one of those head bands that has a series of LED's, battery operated -- sort of a "miner's light".

we checked at Wal Mart and sure enough, we found one made by Energizer for around twelve bucks. It takes three AAA batteries and is supposed to run for nearly 500 hours -

So the next time I got in the tub, I pulled the apparatus onto my head so that the light was situated right in the middle of my forehead. the first time I pressed the button, I got two red LED's. Not sure of the occasion i would be using them. I pressed the switch again and got two bright white lights right in the center of the unit - then I pressed it again and got an additional six smaller LED's, three to a side.

Too cool! I also found that the face of the unit can be tilted in four separate modes so that you don't have to crane your neck to find the page with the light.

Very cool!

Yesterday, with all the clouds and rainy weather killing all available natural light, I found myself stumbling around in the dark, trying to install a paper towel rack, and some ceiling hooks. Suddenly I thought of my little friend and strapped it on. Wow! What a great help for close up work. Like having someone hold a flashlight for you!

Something for you to think about! better than sliced bread!

Yesterday someone called me to ask me to call my senators about fighting a bill proposed by an Alaskan senator who wants to excuse the oil companies from any responsibility of paying for the extensive damage being done by the oil well disaster.

I hadn't heard about it and when the operator told me that, I totally lost and began ranting angrily about how it was time for the revolution and how i want to be in the first wave of revolutionists storming the oil company headquarters to kill and burn!

I know I got carried away because she finally interrupted me and said: "Thank you for your time" and hung up. I will now put the "RANT" into my arsenal of how to have fun with telemarketers.

I made the mistake of signing a lot of petitions with different organizations to make this a better world - now they are all calling me an asking for donations.

And god forbid you make a donation because then you are really targeted for a lot more calls.


I know it's a little early to be getting in the football mode, but, hey, I lead a boring life. I have been going over NFL team uniforms trying to decide who I think has the best uniforms.

Well, undoubtedly at number one is the Green Bay Packers, not that I am biased. I always refer to the Packer uniforms colors as "spinach and mustard" - I love the contrast of th e very dark green and the yellow and white. And the G emblem on the helmets is a cool finishing touch- thanks, Vince!

No I am not going to cover all uniforms just my number one and number two - and at number two would b e the NY Giants uniforms. I love the use of blue and red and 'ny' on the side of the helmets is classy in its simplicity. Of course it wasn't always that simple - went through a lot of change over the years.

I really like the grey pants as opposed to the white they used to wear.

so that's my choices!

NOTE: My pal Kirk Roebuck sent me the photo of Ray Nitschke with the single bar face mask. Must have had Bart Starr's helmet for the picture. He looks weird in it!



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