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Thursday, December 31, 2009


As is our custom, every New Year's Eve Day (for 33 years running) a group of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Actors from the "glory days" of the Kjer Theate Era gather together to imbibe of alcohol (if the damn bartenders ever show up), to break bread together, and then to sit around the large table with half a snoot full and tell every old "war story" of stage productions gone by. As you can see by the first photo, the group showed up to find an open bar -- literally! No bartenders in sight! Having had some experience as a bartender when I was but a mere sophomore in college (the only job I ever got fired from) I volunteered to be the guy behind the bar, but the group, still being sober at the time, dissuaded me of that idea.
Eventually the bartenders did make an appearance and we all bellied up to the bar. I had a sudden yen for a very theatrical cocktail: A Mimosa. If you are not familiar with the make up of a Mimosa, it is half a champagne flute full of champagne topped with orange juice. you really should try one sometime. Bet you can't drink just one! they are quite delightful and the champagne gets you where you want to go toot sweet!

After lunch, Wil Denson held forth as our MC. Wil had been our director for many summer theatre years when the EC drama department had a really superb reputation. Wil introduced Dr. David White, recently retired professor of drama and English at the Naval Academy. David presented his annual performance of "The Old Queen" which always leaves us in stitches.

After that there was a round robin of theatre stories from the "good old days". I am really fond of one of our past productions: "A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Forum" and many of the principals from that show were present today.

All in all it was yet another memorable gathering of the "old timers' who once trod the boards of Kjer Theatre all those years ago.

so Happy New Year to all the gallant thespians who made their mark upon the stage in those days of glory and who today would not be able to remember their lines at all!