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Tuesday, December 8, 2009


I was going to just watch the first half of the Packer/Raven battle at The Taverna Grill but the damn Packers (as you probably know) let the Ravens get back in the game in a mere 30 seconds in the third quarter, which kept me glued to my seat at the bar, drinking first a beer then 3 (count them) three margaritas. By the time the game was finally over I could have easily been picked up for "driving under the alcofluence of incahol" but the voyage of the star ship xB stayed on course with no incidents.

The win keeps the Packers "in the hunt" for a wild card spot in the playoffs, but I believe the expression is "winning ugly" and that's what this flag festival was - a very ugly victory. I don't think I have seen Mr. Rodgers throw so many wild uncatchable passes. And both teams suffered with "dropsy" all night, except for our newest tight end phenom, #88, Mr. Jermichael Finley, who made some truly amazing catches and whose fourth quarter heroic dive after catch touch down allowed me to once again breathe.

This morning I received my usual after-the-game e mail from my man in Windsor, Tom Blinkovitch Johnson. Over the past weeks he has repeatedly predicted that the Pack will be in the playoffs and that Mr. Favre will not finish the season as QB of the purple as he will have purple-hued injuries that will prevent him from doing so. this morning's entry:

"LBM: It seems I was right to be concerned but not to fear the Baltimores. It was not a game one would save for the video library, but it’s a victory in December. I stand by my earlier prediction: the plucky lads in mustard and spinach will be in the playoffs and Bert Favre will not finish the season on the playing field."

As for me, I think the part about Brett Favre getting hurt is purely wishful thinking on the Blinkster's part. I foresee the possibility of the Spinach and Mustard making the first round of the playoffs and facing Mr. Favre for the third time and with the same results.

But, hey, that's just me. Good old Ior-ish Larry.
And I curse the money grubbing programming powers that be who will not allow big dish C-Banders (a fiercely proud and loyal group) from purchasing ESPN!

It is because of their greed that I am $22.62 poorer today and have a hangover. I have not had a hangover in years and I place the blame squarely on GREED!

There, I said it!


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