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Monday, December 7, 2009


This morning in order to save my last night's coals that were still aglow in the bungalow wood stove, I had to go out into the brush nearby to locate some dead tree branches to serve as start up kindling.

I was wearing my brand new pea coat which is 90 per cent wool.  In the dim early morning light I was unaware of what I had traipsed through until I got back into the light of the office.
Once I had put my burden down, my attention was drawn to the pictured weeds that had firmly attached themselves to the soft wool fabric. I have spent time googling "stick tights" "beggar's ticks" and just about everything else that grows under the sun but could not find this stuff! All I know is that I spent most of the day today trying to remove the little bastards from my coat! You cannot vacuum them off (tried that). you cannot form a make shift remover by forming packaging tape into a circle sticky side out (I tried that).
They will not come off with a scrub brush or the fine wire brush I use to comb the cats with - I know because I TRIED THAT , TOO!!!
I even called Queens dry cleaners in Eau Claire and the gentleman knew immediately what I was talking about and I could tell by his tone of voice that he wanted nothing to do with the job - not without charging me so much that I would have to rob a bank to pay the bill.

So after I got a good fire going in the stove, made myself some coffee, turned on my computer and got Pandora on through the internet, I set about removing the offending little creepy things by hand -- one at a frickin" time!

As you can see from the contents of my garbage can, a lot of the wool from my pea coat went with the sob's. So we learn by doing. If I was a hunter I would have experienced the hell of these long long ago. I can't imagine the fun it must be to remove these from a hunting dog's coat!

I have a theory. Back when everything was being created, God was not the only one at work. He gave the devil permission to think up things like mosquitos, biting ants, wood ticks, sand burrs nettles, poison ivy, and these microscopic maddening little pieces of shit!


Sorry - I lost it there for a moment. Here, watch this and feel better about nature:



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