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Friday, January 1, 2010


"When I look into her eyes, it's then I realize, she understands me like nobody can. she is my lover and my best friend and she will be 'til the end, she's my rock when I am nothing more than sand"

Today marks our thirty third wedding anniversary and I am very proud to say that these are the thirty three happiest years of my life because of Kim Wilson. Kim is my center, my core. Without her strength I am afraid that long ago I would have been committed to a home for the insane. I have always felt that when we married I got the better part of the bargain and on this auspicious day I will list some reasons why.
Kim is the most optimistic person in the world, a trait that she exhibits every day of her life and in so doing somehow manages to pull me up with her.

Kim always sees the best in people. She absolutely refuses to speak ill of anybody she knows. She truly lives by the axiom: "If you can't say something nice about a person, don't say anything at all."

Kim has the greatest ability to truly communicate - better than anyone else that I know of in this world where it seems nobody can really get others to understand what they are trying to say. I supposedly make my living as a communicator but I stand deep in the shadow of my partner when it comes to communication.

As our relationship has matured, I find that if there are matters to be handled by telephone that need a level head, void of emotion, I ask her to please make the call as I know that if I do it I will end up yelling and screaming. So instead I plead with her a bit and then marvel as she communicates and gets what we need accomplished without even raising her voice.

Kim and I have both gone through the painful steps of losing our parents. Again, Kim was my rock all through the process. Towards the end of my mother's life, Kim was always right there with me, attending to Alice's needs and comfort.

Kim is the most patient person I know. Even though she protects her privacy at great lengths, when she is called upon to be involved in an activity that is primarily mine, she puts herself whole heartedly into the task. She is never self centered. I would never use the word "selfish" in conjunction with her personality.

Kim truly loves animals of all kinds. One of the reasons she wanted to move out into the country was to be able to once in a while get a glimpse of white tailed deer. Because we live right on the valley bank of Otter Creek, we see a lot of animal activity - particularly deer. Kim becomes very excited when she can watch deer slowly cross in front of the house. In addition to deer, she has encountered (up close and personal) black bear and wood chuck.

One time, while I was busy traveling hundreds of miles away, she had a black bear make his way up onto the deck and peer at her through the glass of the sliding doors. While I was on that same distant trip working a comedy club circuit, when I called her after the show she told me of how she had rescued a wood chuck from drowning in an uncovered garbage can filled with rain water. she had to get down on the ground, lay on her back, and push the can over with both legs to accomplish the rescue.

Kim has always allowed me to be myself. I cannot begin to tell you how important that is and how much I appreciate her for it. She has always supported my career as a performer and is one of my biggest fans. In fact, the first thing that drew me to her was her incredible laugh. She has the BEST laugh in the entire world!

She is never jealous of any success I may have achieved but instead rejoices at any small victory I have attained. Most recently, with the terrible economic down turn, she has once again come to my emotional rescue by pounding into my head the fact that we are a team and that I should not worry about a lack of work.

Over the last months she has actually talked me into accepting my situation.

All of this and look how beautiful she is! She takes such good care of herself and as she ages she becomes more and more attractive. I am truly fortunate to have found Kim Wilson. She turned my life around.

Every year, on the first of the year, I ask her if i can renew my contract or another year. Fortunately for me she said "yes" again today.



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